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A Recurring Dream

Be Inspired By Big Dreams…

Life is just pedestrian unless we are inspired by big dreams. I have always enjoyed More’s book “Utopia” ever since I first read it during my late teens. As a baby boomer, that means I read it in the late ’60s – the Swinging Sixties, the cultural and political upheavals. Hardly an Utopia if you define it to mean an ideal state.

A Recurring Dream…

Ah yes, “Utopia is a recurring dream”. Lawrence reminded me about that when he wrote his piece which I’d like to share and is quoted below.  From his perspective as an architect, artist and a musician, I find his “Manifesto for a moving Utopia” refreshing, rather than More’s Utopia as a fixed island.

Utopia As A Floating Vessel…

“Utopia is a recurring dream. It emerges in every society whenever people feel that their capacity for self-expression is compromised. While the ideological struggles of the 20th century have given way to media-driven neo-liberal states in the West, we remain skeptical of any controls imposed upon us from above. Today everybody wants to be free, yet everybody wants stability. These two desires create a conflict between the individual and their relationship to the group.

The failure of political process around the world means that Utopia – our collective dream – has been relegated to an aesthetic fantasy, an ideal city that will never come. In Thomas More‘s 1516 original, Utopia is an island. What if it is a floating vessel instead? It could go from place to place, a mobile city dedicated to distributing new modes of education and new forms of group production.” – http://www.dazeddigital.com/blog/article/16916/1/manifesto-for-a-moving-utopia

Allow Our Utopian Dreams To Float…

I know this is not my normal topic, and this post is rather heavy going I should add. Perhaps the value for us is not to cast aside our Utopian dreams outright, but rather allow them to recur in both our conscious thoughts as well as in our sub-conscious – like a floating vessel.

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