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Singapore Blog Awards 2014: Encore Votes For Us

The Singapore Blog Awards 2014 announced the Top Ten finalists for each blog category on its site on the 4th of July. This date is now a milestone for: *Steven with his Retire – Do What? blog, a Top Ten finalist in the Best Individual Blog category, and *Simon with his Travelled Paths blog, a Top Ten finalist in the Best New Blog category.

Simon and I are share a common bond. We share the same blogging mentor and author Grace Tan of Working With Grace fame and the Winner of Blog Awards 2013 in the Best Individual Blog category. We are also first time participants in’s Singapore Blog Awards. And now, during this crucial phase of getting votes via Facebook, we rally together for our friends, supporters and fans to call for Encore Votes For Us.


How To Vote 

Please follow these steps to continue voting for Retire – Do What? (Best Individual Blog category) and Travelled Paths (Best New Blog category). You can vote once every day (every 24 hours)

1.                                                                                                                        2._Scroll down and click “Best Individual Blog”                                                                                                                                                                             3. Click “Retire do-what?”

4. On the same page, Scroll down and click “Best New Blog”                                                                                                                                                   5. Click “Travelled Paths”

Protecting Your Personal Information

The Blog Awards and are part of the Singapore Press Holdings, Asia’s leading media organisation, and you are assured that no personal information will be shared.

Data Protection - You Are NOT A Robot

Data Protection – You Are NOT A Robot

 Please give us encore votes and continue to vote for us daily 🙂