My Generation Looking Back

My Generation Looking Back

“We were young, idealistic, wanting to do good and make a difference to the world at large. We were growing up and were old enough during the sixties to remember the growing differences with our parents and elders and the authorities. They saw us as rebels and we thought they were too traditional and just part of the old and unchanging establishment” – I wrote in my last post about looking back at My Generation. More than a generation later, I am fairly certain that my two children, their friends and their generation, whether Gen X or Gen Y, would agree that the ideals and the challenges that I have described about My Generation would describe theirs too.

The 1960s, Times They Are A-Changing…

Looking back to the 1960s, The Sixties as the decade is often known, my Gen would easily flashback to the anthem Bob Dylan gave us in  The Times They Are a-Changing, a song with a purpose for those times. And amidst the prevailing anti-establishment angst of the young people, the Vietnam War, flower power, peace and freedom, he gave us Blowin’ In The Wind. Perhaps it was the relatively new medium of television (its introduction to Asia and Africa in the 1960s) and these common anthems and music that helped to create the mutual feelings of inter-related social, cultural and political trends across the world.

Blowin’ In The Wind … 

Looking back to my generation, the baby boomers, I think Blowin In The Wind is a useful legacy.  And so, to my children and their friends, all the Gen X and Gen Y (or the Millennial Generation), the answer, my friend, is “blowin’ in the wind”