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Singapore Blog Awards 2014: How Did You Vote For Me? Let Me Count The Ways…

The 4th of July was an exciting day for me. The Singapore Blog Awards 2014 / 新加坡部落格大奖2014 announced the Top Ten finalists for each of the nine categories in the Editors’/Judges’ Choice section. I was really thrilled with excitement because the three blog posts which I had submitted had won for me a slot amongst the Top Ten finalists in the Best Individual Blog category.

This Best Individual Blog category is my favourite. Why? Because this category is for “Blogs with a unique voice and character that portray the author’s individuality, regardless of topics.” I felt somewhat accomplished because 50% of the points were awarded for “inspiring and entertaining content” – something which I had set out to do in my Retire – Do What? blog.

Judging Criteria SG Blog Awards 2014

Judging Criteria SG Blog Awards 2014

The current phase – the voting part which accounted for a hefty 30% of a contestant’s total score – begins on the same day, the 4th of July too. This is where I face my fellow contestants’ youthfulness and their savvy in all things social media. They are younger in the 20s and early 30s. And I have always cherished a fair and worthy fight. What inspires and motivates me still at this stage of my life? – one “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will”  and it is this maxim which I first learnt as a 15 year-old :

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield” ~ Ulysses | Lord Tennyson

There are now just 8 more days before the voting ends at 3.00 pm (Singapore time) on 31st July – (30 July at 12 midnight US Pacific/LAX/SFO & 31 July at 3.00 am US East Coast/New York, 07.00 am London, 09.00 am Budapest) .

My dear friends and supporters of my blog, when I asked myself “How did you vote for me,” Elizabeth Barrett Brownings’s poem “How Do I Love Thee” floated into me. So it’s natural for me to respond “Let Me Count The Ways.” Frankly, the numerous votes that often came with heart-warming PMs (private messages on Facebook) just overwhelm. I shall write posts later. For the moment, allow me to say Thank You with this lovely bouquet of red roses.

Bouquet of Red Roses for My Dear Friends And Supporters of Retire - Do What?

Bouquet of Red Roses for My Dear Friends And Supporters of Retire – Do What?

Your Votes Are A Priceless Bouquet To Me 

Your gift to me over the next 8 days will be your priceless bouquet of 8 votes (7 for those friends who voted early this morning). I’d like to win this Singapore Blog Awards 2014’s Best Individual Blog – for all those friends who wanted me to write more posts that are positive in outlook, inspirational and motivational, to the many young and senior friends on my Facebook, to my 24 nieces and nephews (as a tribute to my Mom’s 24 grandchildren) and to all in the connected world whom I have yet to meet. And to my wife Melinda (she started a Facebook to vote for me when no amount of persuasion had persuaded her), my daughter Carolyn and son Lawrence ( who accepted me as their FB friends despite conventional cool practice) and their young cool friends. Above all – there’s Grace Tan – my selfless Shifu (master) in blogging.

Vote Wisely For Retire - Do What?

Vote Wisely For Retire – Do What?

You can start making your bouquet this way:

Go to: {Singapore Blog Awards 2014}

1) Click the Editors’/Judges’ choice
2) Click the Best Individual Blog
3) Click the red “vote” at Retire – Do What?

Thank you for your votes – your bouquets 🙂