Set Shinning Goals For 2014

3 Simple Steps To Track Your Goals

This time of the year is magical. It is nostalgic when we look back to the year past. We say goodbyes, recount the blessings and the memories of an old year. Our memories usually recall the sunny hours, except when they are about traumatic events. And at the stroke of midnight we sing or hear the strains of the traditional Auld Lang Syne. Soon we welcome a brand new year ~ 2014!

Sydney New Year Eve Fireworks - The Times

Sydney New Year Eve Fireworks – The Times

Embracing 2014…

Most of us embrace the fresh new year with renewed hopes and promises. It’s the perfect time, as if it is coded in our human genes, to want to launch a new journey to re-focus on what we want in life. Making things happen means we have to translate those dreams and thoughts in our heads into goals. Then you must take steps (ok, take action if you like) to reach those set goals. Try to achieve a little each day, say by 1% of each goal set.

There’s this nursery rhyme we learnt years ago. It goes like this : Little drops of water, little drops of sand. Make a mighty ocean and a mighty land. It just came back to me as I was writing the ‘1% of each goal set.’

Daruma Dolls 

Daruma Doll With One Eye Painted

Daruma Doll – Paint One Eye To Commit To A Goal

As a firm believer that personal development depends on our very own journey in self-improvement, I was enlightened by what I had observed during my days living and working in Japan. Over the year end and new year, there are Daruma dolls of various sizes dotting shops and homes. These are Japanese wish dolls. They symbolise revival and perseverance. And it is easy to understand why. Each Daruma is round-bottomed and weighted so it bounces back to an upright position when pushed over, an action known as okiagari.

Daruma With Both Eyes Painted

Daruma With Both Eyes Painted. The Goal Is Achieved

The 3 Steps…

1. Paint one Daruma eye to signify your commitment to achieve the goal that you have set.

2. Place the Daruma at a spot where you can see each day.

3. Paint the other eye when you’ve achieved that goal. Write down the goal you have achieved behind the doll.

Decide and set your next goal and repeat the 3 steps. Try this centuries-old tradition and share it with your friends. Wishing you a great 2014 ahead.

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