Cranes, Symbolic For Long Life

Lovely Thoughts About Life

Lovely Thoughts About Life…

It’s Monday morning and another week of happenings for which I am grateful for. There’s no reason for me not to share this poem “Lovely Thoughts About Life”, one that I discovered during the final years of my Mom’s long life. Perhaps it was providence. For me, the words moved me. It was the time for my family and I were about to lose someone who had loved us all her life – quietly and with no fanfare as was her stoic nature. It’s never too late to know that …

A short walk is so difficult,
when no one walks with you.
But a long journey is just like few steps
when you walk with someone
who loves and cares for you.

We always look and care for the person
whom we love the most.
But we fail to look back at those
who love us the most.

Death’s not the greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss is when
relationships die inside us while
we are still alive…

Life is not about the people
who act true on your face..
Its about the people who
remain true behind your back..

Time decides whom you meet in life…
Your heart decides whom you want in life..
but your behaviours decides
who will stay in your life…

You can win life by all means..
Yes..If you simply avoid two things…
1. Comparing – with others
2. Expecting – from other
Life will be more beautiful!!

Mother’s Day

Carnation for Mother's Day

Carnation for Mother’s Day

A day to honour all mothers, “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.” Anna Jarvis.                             {Updated post 10 May 2014}

Notes :

1. I have not been successful to find out the author and hence provide credit for the poem. And I shall be delighted to provide that credit when I receive the relevant information.

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