At Salkantay Pass

How To Think Your Way To Your Everest

Heart And Metaphor…

I often write from my heart and use Mount Everest as a metaphor for the one big goal or idea that each of us strive to accomplish. Hence, what's your goal becomes what's your Everest. And I believe that the many readers who read or follow my blog here may not need more posts on motivation, but rather more on the 'how to' kind in order to find some practical method to bring their ideas into fruition or to achieve their goals. In making things simple, I have made achieving whatever goal that we have set out to achieve by taking one step at a time to your Everest.

Physical And Mental Aspects…

The two aspects of achieving our goal are physical and mental in nature. The physical aspect is covered by proper training and taking good care of your body. What about the mental aspect? Each of us experiences the inner voice within us. It can be our friend, wanting to protect us from coming into harm's way and it wants to encourage us and champion us. Or it can be our enemy, who wants to put us down and see us fail. These enemy voices are negative voices, saying inside your head such things as : 'You can't do it. You will fail. Give up, Who do you think you are?' Which voice do you listen to and and which to believe?

Conquer Your Inner Voice…

My friend Gina King has discovered a way to manage her mind's chatter, how to stay focus and how to propel forward towards her goal. I had the privilege to first meet Gina during our Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu and travel to the Amazon in July 2012. Here's how, in Gina's own words (from Day 6 of her climb of Aconcagua)

"One of the things I really like about the treks I’ve been on is it’s a fantastic test for what thoughts you let go through your mind and figuring out how to trick the mind (or keep the mind quiet) to focus on positive things. When I did Kilimanjaro in 2010 I learned this first hand on summit day. I truly experienced that every thought we have has energy. It can either propel you forward or it can suck you dry of your energy. I knew I couldn’t let myself think for one second that I couldn’t make it to Camp 1 no matter how challenging it was. I knew I was physically capable and I wasn’t going to let my mind chatter tell me otherwise.

To get through the day I used mantras, I thought of happy thoughts, I thought of people I love and I told myself that when I made it to Camp 1 there was no stopping me from getting to the summit." 

So, learn to master your mind and filter the positive thoughts when striving to reach your goal.

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