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I was invited to a media event for bloggers last month by my friend and blogging mentor Grace Tan as her “+1”. No, I was not her body guard or chaperon. In blogging jargon, I was the guest of Grace. As the author of the book ‘Blogging For A Living‘ and the award-winning Singaporean Business And Lifestyle blogger, Grace is well sought after for media and promotional events. This event was hosted at Extra Virgin Pizza by The Entertainer, a company offering a portfolio of attractive ‘buy one get one free’ vouchers via print and app formats. The App format is what I enjoyed using, and there’s a 20% discount¬†(valid until end-April) waiting for you at the end of this post ūüôā

Hitherto, my experience on on-line shopping deals was confined to Groupon. My three Groupon restaurant deals panned out as follows: The first went well, the second limited my choice to week days only and to just one of its three outlets, and the third coupon expired. The last, though it’s my own fault, had a short validity and I had to let it lapsed because I had to some last-minute visitors. Taken together, the reasons to continue were not compelling.

The Entertainer experience at Extra Virgin Pizza

Penny (Head of Brand, Events & PR of The Entertainer) and her team and Alvin (of Alvinology) were on hand to help us download set up the App on our mobile phones. It was a breeze, except that the App did not work on her phone properly. The four of us on our table combined our pizza orders. Later, our display of the four huge pizzas attracted the attention of Sweetie (not her real name) who was watching us from outside the window. Using sign language, I failed to get her to come in and share our pizzas.

My Experiences & Savings Using The App

1. The Marriott Hotel Pool Grill

Marriott Hotel Pool Grill (photo courtesy of Grace Tan)

(photo courtesy of Grace Tan)

Armed with The Entertainer App which was downloaded onto my iPhone 5s, Grace and I headed to the Marriott Hotel Pool Grill to test it out. For the main course, she¬†ordered the Roasted Cod Fish (S$36) while I had the Yellowfin Tuna ($32). They were well prepared and the ingredients were fresh. We did not order any other side dishes except for some yummy green asparagus and a dessert for we had some pizza earlier. The attentive staff were conversant with the 1-for-1 and the App and payment was a breeze. The App saved me $32, being the lower of the two main courses ordered ūüôā

2. Delicious

We had tickets for the 9.30pm movie Noah at the Shaw Lido and thus decided to have a simple and quick bite at Delicious which serves ‘pastas, salads, cakes & more…”, quoting from its double-sided menu in blue and whose colour blended well with the outlet’s decor. ¬†It located nearby at the basement level of Scotts Square. My wife Melinda ordered her Nasi Kerbau with Ayam penyet ($17.50) and I tried the Chef’s recommendation of Duck Confit Spaghettini ($16.50). The Nasi came with super hot chilli and you need to be hungry to finish the order. She enjoyed her meal. As for me, the texture of the spaghetti was al dente and suited my palate and the duck confit condiment blended well. Again, the staff were conversant with the App and the payment was a breeze too. The App saved me $16.50 in this casual dining experience. The outlet opens daily between 11.00am and 9.30pm.

3. Fat Cow

Confident that the App has worked well, I decided to splash out on a Wagyu beef lunch at the appropriately named Fat Cow, a high end Japanese inspired steak house located at the Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Blvd, #01-01/02, Tel : 67350308. Typically, I do not go to any medical centre to dine in a high end restaurant! At the end of the lunch however, Fat Cow justified the break with tradition.

My wife ordered her Grade A3 (the higher the number the more fat content) Wagyu sirloin in sumibiyaki style, special charcoal grilled and finished in a claypot of baked rice. Sticking to my ribeye, I ordered the higher fat content A4 Wagyu and chose my favourite sumibiyaki style which is basically grilling over a special charcoal with sesame-flavoured sauce. The tastier choice is given more photo space below! My choice was good but for the fact that about 25% out of the 120-gramme cut was pure fat!

Wagyu Beef in Donabemeshi Style

Wagyu Beef in Donabemeshi Style

Overall, Fat Cow is definitely high end. I learnt subsequently¬†that the restaurant was the brainchild of the owners of the¬†Far East Organization,¬†Singapore’s largest private property developer. Like many Singaporeans now, they have a penchant for Japanese cuisine. The staff were helpful and conversant with the App as well. The App saved me S$120 and this one saving alone more than offset the cost of the App at S$95.

My Recommendation

If you eat out, take advantage of the 20% discount for being my reader of this post. This offer is valid until end-April. So take advantage now and download the S$95 App for just S$76¬†by keying in this discount code for 20% discount: @huppy6 (valid till end-April). For your convenience, here’s the link for the various mobile stores – Apple App Store, Samsung Apps, Blackberry World, Google Play and Windows Store ūüôā

Click here if you need to watch the instructional video to learn how easy it is to use the Entertainer App and start your saving!

Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014 - discount code

Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014 – discount code @huppy6

And that’s something to smile about ūüôā

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