Living Healthy, Eating Healthy

As everybody in Singapore knows, it’s rather easy to eat too much, too often. After noticing my expanding waistline, my son gave me this booked called ‘Gut Reaction’. Singapore and Malaysian diets mean that a lot of people are susceptible to Colonic cancer etc, heart diseases, diabetes, and other health issues related to POOR DIET and a SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE.

Part of the purpose of Retire, Do What? is to share my experiences and attempts to live healthier over the past two years. We can all start by taking small steps every day to improve our diet, and to exercise (even walking counts). That’s how I managed to get to Macchu Picchu – on foot!

Let’s eat more vegetables etc.

Next month, I’ll be writing a how-to-guide to eating tasty salads, authored by my wife who tries to get me to eat them more often. I have to admit, they’re actually quite good.