What Do Engineers Do When They Retire Early?

Before joining Singapore Airlines, I trained as an engineer. Like many in my generation, I wanted to study for a professional degree to get a ‘solid career’.  I eventually moved on to marketing and management, but I often wondered what would have happened if I remained an Engineer.

Mechanical engineers do retire, and like others who do so, have their own ideas on what to do with their additional time and freedom from their timetables.  Travel to see the world, play more golf or indulge in hobbies, learn new things and skills, fishing or hiking all over, visit the Unesco World Heritage sites, volunteer and do charity work, fulfill one’s bucket list and it can be endless.

According to Vince Lombardi, ‘The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” So true. And by the way, Vince was a famous American football coach best remembered for leading the Green Bay Packers team to three straight league championships in the 1960s.

So what do engineers do when they retire?

To paraphrase Confucius, if you enjoy your work, then it’s not really work at all!  Well, assuming my simple logic is true, that this lucky mechanical engineer has not surrendered his “work” once he retired. Watch and enjoy this video to find out how :

 Just so you can know more about me. After graduating as a mechanical engineer, I worked six months as a Quality Control Engineer in an American MNC and five and a half years as an Aircraft Structures Engineer in Singapore Airlines. I then continued with serious fun in Marketing with the airline and that included working, living and enjoying life in Singapore, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and USA.