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Sir Alex Ferguson | WHAT NEXT For The Great Football Manager?

English Premier League 2012/2013 Winner…

Hours later today at 4.00pm UK time, Sunday 12th May 2013, is the last EPL fixture for the Manchester United vs Swansea City game. The score of this football (soccer to my American friends) game is irrelevant to the final standings of the 2012/2013 English Premier League. With a total of 85 points at the very top of the EPL table, MU is already 10 clear points ahead of the runner-up Manchester City.

Farewell Sir Alex…

But I certainly believe the MU team, playing at its homeground at the Old Trafford, and the 70,000 crowd will be giving a standing ovation to Sir Alex Fergusson at the game's end. Sir Alex, winner of 13 English Premier League titles (including the current 2012/2013 season) as manager of Manchester United, has announced his retirement four days ago. It will be some great party for him I am sure. 

Welcome David Moyes… Encore For MU

So what must Sir Alex's successor David Moyes do for an encore for Manchester United and all its fans, who span the wolrd? Perhaps, in the words of the Daily Telegraph's feature, David is amongst that special group of athletes and coaches who has a "combination of adult determination, loyalty and grit, a childishly unmodified desire to win and a cast-iron belief that crossing a line or kicking a ball actually matters in the grand scheme of life." And my humble suggestion for David, quoting my favourite line from Ulysses by Lord Tennyson, is "To Strive, to Seek, to Find, and not to Yield" With all good wishes to Sir Alex and MU.

Postscript : Victory + Farewell Parade…

After their victory game over Swansea City on Sunday, 12th May, MU celebrated its 20th EPL title (13th under the reign of Sir Alex) with a victory and farewell parade for its most successful manager. Join in the celebrations through these photos.

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