Waku Ghin | A Great Place To Celebrate In Singapore

Secrets Of Life In 6 Words

Mmmm … that’s over the top you might say. With just six words and you are claiming to be able to reveal the Secrets of Life! Yes, and  here they are: Before middle age — Do not fear! After middle age — Do not regret! In simple terms therefore, the secrets of life and in old age are these six words ; Do not fear, Do not regret. In my youth, and as well as now, I have often philosophised that it is better not to regret what I have done, rather regret what I have not done. So far so good.

Anecdotes & Wisdom

Amongst my email folders is one that I have created and named “Anecdotes & Wisdom”. Inside this folder are the emails from friends who shared their collections of wonderful human stories with me. One such memorable story arrived in the form of a power point presentation titled “The Secrets of Old Age”. To me, it could have been easily and aptly changed to “The Secrets of Life.” Whatever the title, the story is worth sharing here. I do not know the author of the story and thus I am unable to credit the source, as should be rightly so.

The story further encouraged us to : Enjoy Your Life While You Can.

Do not wait till you cannot walk just to be sorry and to regret!

  • As long as it is physically possible, visit places you wish to visit
  • Get together with old classmates, old colleagues and old friends
  • When it is time to spend, just spend, treat yourself well
  • Just eat whatever you feel like eating. Healthy foods, eat often. Less healthy food, eat once in a while.
  • Smile and laugh everyday
  • Be happy
Waku Ghin Dining Experience

A Great Dining Experience At Waku Ghin, Singapore

And so I celebrated my wife’s birthday with an evening of fine modern European/Japanese dining at Waku Ghin, a celebrity chef restaurant by the renowned Tetsuya Wakuda at the Marina Bay Sands. A happy occasion, one that appealed to all the senses.

In many lands, there is a similar proverb that goes like this : Running water does not flow back. So is Life, make it happy.