Beach Reading

Sun. Sea Sand - And Music From The Surf  Plus Swaying Trees and Palms

Sun. Sea Sand – And Music From The Surf Plus Swaying Trees and Palms

Here’s a lighthearted post about what each one of us is reading, whilst holidaying in enchanting Bali. Simply titled ‘Beach Reading’, it is written in the shade of swaying palms and trees and lulled by the music of the surf. The idyllic scene fills our senses.

Perfect Environment For Relaxation & Reading

Perfect Environment For Relaxation & Reading

We are so enchanted by the sun, sea and sands – the 3 S – that we have not moved away from the deck chairs that we have ensconced in since after breakfast. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we all are enjoying the simple pleasures of life – reading.

Our Beach Reading Titles

Our Beach Reading Titles

This is a glimpse of what each of us read:

1. The Accidental Adventurer by Ben Fogle is a gripping and action-packed account by the author of his adventures. They included: rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, walking to the South Pole, running the Sahara, ice-skating across Sweden and even cruising up thousands of miles up the Amazon River. It’s my cup of tea for holiday reading. My young friend gave me this book. Thank you Grace.

2. Isn’t Singapore Somewhere In China, Luv? by Josephine Chia Over. My wife Melinda, who reads almost anything she can lay her hands on, relaxes on the lovely Seminyak beach and read this collection of stories about Singaporeans abroad. Spirited stories I am told.

3. Eccentric Spaces by Robert Harbison. This heavy-sounding title is what our son Lawrence brought to Bali. To me, the book sounds like an esoteric read for architects and artists! It features structures of fantasy – from palaces and haunted houses, museums and fast-food chains (amongst others). Hmmm … I will read it too.

We had lots of fresh air today. And soon we are off to watch the famed sunset in Bali before descending on the renowned watering hole and food outlet. Ku De Ta if I have the spelling correct. Stay tuned for my post.