With Vanessa at the Oral-B Media Launch

Oral-B #RethinkYourMouth | 3 Simple Steps To Improve Singapore Oral Health Index

Many many years have elapsed since I left school and those early lessons on how to achieve good oral health – brush teeth, prevent tooth cavities and fight bad breath – seemed so far far away. So, as I was approaching the O’ Coffee Club at Raffles Place for the Oral-B Media Brunch, I was wondering how can anyone pull off an effective PR event which focus on things dental, the latter being something people associate with pain. Well, let’s see.

Oral-B Media Brunch At O' Coffee Club

Oral-B Media Brunch At The O’ Coffee Club

At the start, our exuberant MC, Vanessa, revealed the surprising, shocking rather, survey results of the Singapore Oral Health Index.Ā Looking at the results, Singaporeans must have missed a step or two when we went from Third World to First World – well, at least in the area of oral health. No time? Oh dear, we poor busy Singaporeans? On average, more than half (or 56%) of Singaporeans spend less than 2 minutes to brush their teeth!

Singapore Oral Health Index - Rather Shocking!

Singapore Oral Health Index – Rather Shocking!

As a nation of food lovers, life without food is difficult to contemplate. The irony is that whilst the mouth is the essential part of our body for enjoying our favourite foods and desserts, the statistics above show that we are not caring for it enough by “sacrificing” care of our oral health šŸ™

Showcasing Singapore Favourites Foods With Alice

Showcasing Singapore Favourite Foods With Alice

Dr Daylene Leong, a Dental Surgeon with Specialist Training in Periodontics, Specialist Dental GroupĀ®, sharedĀ her insights into the state of oral health amongst Singaporeans, oral hygiene and tips on maintaining good oral health. It pays to know the critical importance of keeping good oral heath as a necessary step towards our overall health. Knowing that diabetes and heart disease are closely associated with poor dental health is a key takeaway.

Vanessa & Dr Daylene Leong

Vanessa & Dr Daylene Leong

It’s always easy to remember the important things in life by teaching them, each in 3 simple steps. Fortunately, you can still have your cookie and eat it. How? The 3 simple steps are Brush, Floss and Rise to maintain good oral health and to eat all your favourite foods and desserts.

Oral-B Care Products to Brush - Floss - Rinse

Oral-B Care Products to Brush – Floss – Rinse

* Ā Oral-Bā€™s newest range of products offers superior plaque solutions through a three-step regimen of Brush, Floss and Rinse, featuring :

1) the new Oral-BĀ® Pro-HealthĀ® Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush,

2) Oral-BĀ® Glide Pro-HealthĀ® Deep Clean Floss, and

3) Oral-BĀ® Pro-HealthĀ® Multi-Protection Rinse.

Simply #rethinkyourmouth and love it more, without sacrificing the sweeter things in life.

*Ā Just like to share with you the YouTube video about Singapore’s Favourite Treats Gone Wrong. Oral-B brand ambassador Romeo Tan takes to the streets to find out if unsuspecting diners like healthier versions of our favourite local treats, such as kueh dardar, sugar cane juice and chendol. Many of the iconic foods popular among Singaporeans are packed with ingredients which can contribute to an increased risk of oral complications, such as cavities, plaque and decay. Imagine a healthier version without the ingredients that we love!

Feel free to view the Oral-B video hereĀ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXhp7RHLKGI

More Information about Oral-B is available at:Ā http://www.oralb.com/en-SG/