ART LOFT - Lifting Singapore & Asian Art Online

ART LOFT – Lifting Singapore & Asian Art Online

Finally, Singapore’s art scene is getting a little closer to its big brothers in London, Paris and New York. Although Hong Kong has the benefit of being on mainland China’s doorstep, the world is starting to take notice of the appeal of our smaller island nation. ART LOFT, an online art platform and initiative, has just launched its site to “facilitate international appreciation, coupled with the buying and renting of Asian contemporary art.” Yes, renting art pieces too. More on this exciting concept below.

Heritage Screen Print by Benny Goerlach

Heritage Screen Print by Benny Goerlach

The leverage that the Internet has provided to make giants out of the likes of Amazon, eBay and Alibaba through ecommerce is now well-known. Buying online becomes the new norm. In every Google search for ‘online art gallery’, whether it is in London or Beijing, you can see the prominence of Saatchi Art Online Gallery. A study by Hiscox, one of the largest global insurers of fine art, reveals that 64% of established art collectors are buying online based on a digital image.

Rising Demand For Asian Art

Asian Art, Focus there! Cloud Bowl - by Leo Liu Xuanqi

Asian Art, Focus there! Cloud Bowl – by Leo Liu Xuanqi

Art in Asia must surely grow in terms of both regional as well as international interest. It follows that after decades of economic growth in Asia and now led by the economic power house China, demand for art within Asia is on the up trend. And with the eyes of the Western world re-focussing on things Asian, art is the next ‘consumable’ to follow in the footsteps of tea and spices of yesteryears. It is said that the greatest moving force in history is an idea whose time has come. The time has come for ART LOFT’s journey.

Art Mission For ART LOFT

ART LOFT hopes to bring Asian art into every home and bridge the gap between art and and the online space can be both a social and a business enterprise. Singapore has a story to share with Asia and the rest of the world. Artists, especially the young and upcoming ones, need the leverage of the Internet and the curated platform that provides in order to grow and succeed.

Singapore Can Be Asia’s Art And Fashion Centre

Steven & Shin-young Park

Steven & Shin-young Park

Singapore is known for its communications, banking, financial, logistics, tourism and transportation hubs. It is a reputable base for the operational head quarters of many MNCs and for international trade, including entrepot trade. It is aiming to be Asia’s fashion centre too. These are good reasons for art start-ups in Singapore to tap into the large global art market. In short, I am talking about TRUST, a well-known brand equity that Singapore has earned for itself. I think this important factor must be at the back of the minds of the founders of this art start-up ART LOFT.

Renting Art & Bringing Asian Art Into Every Home

I am leaving the best for last, that of renting art. With this concept, the founders are 100% congruent with their hope of bringing Asian art into every home. And I love this vision. Bravo ART LOFT for this lofty ideal. I know there will be operational issues to resolve, but I have faith and trust that this unique feature can work.

Steven & Grace At Art Lot Launch - Fun Work

Steven & Grace At Art Lot Launch – Fun Work

Says ART LOFT’s Chief Executive Tian Qiuyan, “Our platform also has a unique feature where buyers can rent original paintings instead of buying it. The rental feature is still a relatively new concept, but it essentially gives buyers a chance to see the fit of the work in their homes before commiting to it. It also reduces the risk of buying art online as art works can be rented for as low as $20 a month. We hope to encourage more users of this feature, especially for some of the original paintings we have on our site.”

ART LOFT Launch Party

Art Loft Launch - That Reflection Puzzles Me!

Art Loft Launch – That Reflection Puzzles Me!

The 16 April launch event was held at a unique place, a restored conservation shophouse designed to contain several self-contained apartments and communal spaces. The venue itself is worthy of a visit and its interior was decked out with a diverse range of the represented artworks. As the “+1” guest of Grace Tanauthor of the book ‘Blogging For A Living‘ and the award-winning Singaporean Business And Lifestyle blogger, we were at the early session designated for the media. We enjoyed the special tour around the venue and the exhibits.  You can read Grace’s post “Art Loft: I Scroll, I Rent, I Buy” @ Related Posts below. She shares her ‘6 Reasons To Love Art Loft.’ I will write less now, and let my photos do the rest.

The ART LOFT Founders

The all-lady founders form a young and passionate team. Their qualifications and experience are sufficient reasons for me to buy art online 🙂 CEO, Tian Qiuyan – Seasoned technopreneur with ecommerce startup experience. Was formerly with Goldman Sachs. Chief Curator, Michelle Chan – Experienced organiser and curator for emerging Asian artists, with a degree in Art History and Visual Art from Brown University. Was previously a designer in architecture and interiors Marketing & Creative Director, Alexandra Eu – Experienced strategic planner in DDB and a specialist in multimedia marketing campaigns and strategies. Formerly with UOB Private Banking, she is an avid art enthusiast from a family of collectors. Alex graduated in Communications and Photography from Boston College. Key Information :

Website :                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Facebook :                                                                                                                                                                                   Email : [email protected]

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