The International Player Part 2

From Zero To International Player | Interview With Patric Chan (Part 2)

In my interview with Patric Chan (Part 1), I have tried my best to ensure that the story of his  journey to success encapsulates the spirit of enterprise, the relentless drive powered by self motivation (call it “internal vengeance”), dedication to hard work and a strong sense of purpose. It is worth reading again the “Real story” of his life when he first started internet marketing in 2003. Patric wrote that story from his heart, in his own style and using English to the best he could. The story resonates with many.

Part 2 of my interview continues here…

 Internet Marketing Training

Internet Marketing Training

Q 3. How did you manage yourself from being employed to being your own boss and making your own income?

In my book, The WakeUp Millionaire, I’ve mentioned that there are 3 parts that influence someone to become a self-made millionaire – Psychology, Mindset and Opportunity.

You see, most people thought it’s about the Opportunity. Using the internet, real estate, stock trading, MLM, etc. So they go out to seek the “magic pill”. But the problem is, it’s the Psychology that acts as the “engine” of the vehicle.

Although everything works holistically, but it’s the Psychology that “starts” everything. I mean, there are MANY platforms you can use, but there is only “one” Psychology.

The fact is, whatever goals you want to achieve, there are going to be challenges ahead and only with the right frame of Psychology will allow you to overcome these challenges until your goals are achieved.

There are so many things to be taught and shared when it comes to this topic, which I’m afraid that in article would not be sufficient to explain. But if there a key factor to share with you, it has to be HAVING A COMPELLING REASON.

Ask yourself, why do you need to quit your job? To create the income that you want? And so on?

World Intenet Summit Nov 2012

World Internet Summit Nov 2012

And here’s the trick:

Your compelling reason can never be a “tangible” reason. It cannot be because you want to have a bigger car or house. Why? Because your mind psychology will play tricks on you. Let me explain it this way:

Assuming your Compelling Reason is to buy a Ferrari. So you go out and work smart and hard to achieve this goal. But remember what I said earlier? You’ll be faced with many challenges. And when that happens, here’s what your Mind will start telling you:

“You know what, it’s a lot of work. How about settle for a smaller goal, instead of Ferrari, let’s strive for Nissan’s Fairlady.”

And the interesting part is, you’ll probably “agree” with your Mind and justify why Fairlady would be fine.

Ultimately, when the challenges get stronger, you’ll compromise and ended up with a Fairlady instead of Ferrari and lesser grand sports car. You might even up with a normal car and you will still say it’s Okay. 🙂

This is why, your compelling reason must always be an “Internal” reason. An intangible one. Could it be because you need to quit your job so that you can be at home and see your beautiful daughter grows up, seeing her smile every day?

If it’s strong enough, you’ll find a way to get it accomplished. Why? Because this reason cannot be “compromised”.

For me, it was about proving to those who “laughed” at me, looked down, sceptical on me and so on. But at the end of the day, unconsciously, it’s about proving to myself. It’s about asking the question, “Is this all life has to offer to me?”. It’s about knowing I can do more and I shall not settle for a measly life, when there’s grander things await.

I’ve shared some of my journey in my the book I’ve co-authored with New York Times best-selling author, Robert G. Allen called, Clicking Cash that is available at

Q 4. Can you share the benefits and the joy in what you are doing now?

I think I’m really blessed with my fair share of success. I mean, for the fact that I am just an ordinary person, living in a small island, this is an extra-ordinary life. There are surely many more people who are wealthier that I do – but the point is, I was never “destine” to have this, so this is why I’m so grateful.

It’s not really about the cars that I can drive or the big house I’m living in, but the luxury of “being in control”. I’m humbled to say I have enough money to spend. If I need to go to South Africa next week for a holiday, I can do that. Of course, I can’t do that NOW because my kids would prefer to go Disneyland, but you get the point. Lol 🙂

Patric & Emily

Patric & Emily

Q 5. Looking back, what would you have done differently and what advice can you share?

Weirdly, I really don’t have an answer of what I would do differently. 🙂 When I read this question and remembered all of my “mistakes”, it actually makes me smile. 🙂

Here are some advice that I would like to impart in this interview:

1. Life is AWESOME. Make full use of it. Go out there and smell the rose. Because regardless how much money you make in your job or your business, it means nothing if you’re not spending them for the happiness it can bring for you.

2. Don’t forget that TIME is the most VALUABLE asset you have. Because TIME is the one that brings you EVERYTHING. And it’s a “commodity” that is given out fairly to everyone, regardless of how rich or poor you are. So my advice is this, if you can use money to get something done for you so that you can have Time, do that.

3. There must be a reason why NOT everyone is successful. Only a handful of them. And I guess, it’s probably they “accept” that success comes with work. Be willing to sacrifice today for tomorrow’s success because by then, your Money and Time would be coming to you exponentially. Provided, you’re willing to give “some” of them today to be “invested”.

This year Patric celebrates the 10th anniversary of his journey, one which had propelled him “from zero to an international player’. And I hope this two-part interview will inspire you to take action and help you to create your own wealth by leveraging the Internet. {Click here for Part 1 of this exclusive interview which was posted on 13 Nov 2013}


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