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Blogging For A Living | Interview With Grace Tan (Part 2)

My interview with Grace Tan (Part 1) introduces her as the blogger behind “Working With Grace“, winner of the Best Individual Blog award at the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 and as the author of the book titled ‘Blogging For A Living’ (on the Kinokuniya bestsellers’ list). Part 2 of my interview continues here.

Q 5. Can you share the benefits and the joy in what you are doing now?

Back when I held a full-time sales job, I had “no life”. I basically spent my weekends in the office. These days, I meet different people almost everyday, I have more time for myself, for keeping fit (twice weekly gym sessions), and for family and friends. I am living a more fulfilling life.

There are, of course, many benefits to being a blogger – free food, free skincare products, free haircuts, free holidays, free cameras, free clothes, free shoes, and the list goes on…

Please do not be mistaken though. A lot of hard work has to be put in before you can achieve “success” in the blogosphere.

But the main benefit to me is the reduced level of stress. There is no boss breathing down my neck, I can take off for a holiday anytime I like, and I have the luxury of not taking public transport during peak hours. I can take the trains after everyone has gotten to the office, for instance. 🙂

Q 6. Looking back, what would you have done differently and what advice can you share?

I would definitely have started blogging earlier. That’s my biggest regret – not starting earlier.

My advice to people who want to be bloggers is that blogging seems like a lot of fun, and there are many perks, BUT it is not for everybody. Some people just hate writing while others don’t like sharing their views or personal lives online.

Just follow your heart, and do what makes you happy. If something isn’t FUN for you, don’t do it. If something makes you happy (even if it doesn’t pay very much at the start), just do it! Find your passion and the money will come. 🙂

Finally, Grace says that “Success” is defined by the individual. To her, it simply means setting her own goals, and achieving them. I hope the two-part interview (Click here to read Part 1) with Grace gives you additional and personal insights to what was written in her Blogging For A Living Book. And if you like to read my insights about goals, health, wealth and wisdom, you are invited to visit my blog Retire – Do What?


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