Happiness Day 2017

World Happiness Day 2017 : Create Your Own Happiness Brand

Today, the 20th of March is 2017’s International Day of Happiness – Happiness Day for short. I was rather surprised that it took the august United Nations until 2012 to recognise “that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal ” and to enact a resolution “for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and the well-being of all peoples.” And so from now, celebrate World Happiness Day every 20th of March, and on a personal level celebrate every day. Remember – happiness is your birthright.

Stay Positive In Life & You Can Even Sing In The Rain

Stay Positive In Life & You Can Even Sing In The Rain & Be Happy

Life Is About How You See Things

Suddenly I felt that it’s time for me to share a little life skill, a little secret that has shaped my life. This is found from amongst my most cherished (poetry) lines. They are the first two lines in William Blake’s first quatrain:

To see the World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

How? Blake wrote the poem Auguries of Innocence’ to forewarn others of the possible consequences of injustices done to nature and to people (society) by juxtaposing innocence with injustice, inequality and cruelty. I still interpret the first two lines as when I first did in my school library — with child-like wonder for simple things. That imagery allows me to see things in a positive light; such as seeing a glass half full rather than half empty. And that’s the little secret of taking positive steps to see things in a happy frame of mind. Try it – it works for me.

A Happy Postcard On Happiness

Image Courtesy: COVIT. Happiness - Gia Lai

Image Courtesy: COVIT Vietnam International Tourism. Happiness – Gia Lai

It’s a happy postcard because my sweet friend Grace had sent it to me on her first visit to Vietnam. In artistic handwriting, she wrote this warm wish for me to … “continue to find happiness and love in the everyday things.” The message resonates with my philosophy of seeing the world in a grain of sand.

Make A Happier World

You can. So join Join The Movement For A Happier World. The official page of the International Day of Happiness at HappinessDay.org  suggests that you Choose Happiness and Share Your Happiness. Smile, share, eat healthily, exercise, be grateful, give back, think positively, spend some time with friends and family, spend some time alone, be mindful, dream, listen to music, say thank you and mean it, compete, be charitable, say “all the more” instead of “nonetheless” – you get it. Do what makes you happy.”

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