From mig33 to migme

Migme: Discover Great Stories And Friends From Homegrown Social Media

I should like to confess that I knew little about migme when Alvin, the Community Development Manager of migme, invited me to pop by their first #migupSG event to discover great stories and new friends. A great story indeed – for I learnt that Migme Limited (formerly mig33) is a social entertainment platform founded by two Singaporeans.

The company is listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and its company description said that: “Migme Limited operates a technology focused social entertainment platform. Its platform enables visitors to engage with content, celebrities, and friends on Web and mobile.

So we have a homegrown social media company like Facebook and Twitter rolled into one?

From mig33 To migme – In Supersonic Speed? 

From mig33 to migme in supersonic speed? Picture shows State-of-the-art MiG35

From mig33 to migme in supersonic speed? Picture shows State-of-the-art MiG35

As an ex aviation professional and amateur historian, I know that there’s the MiG-31, a mid-1970s Russian interceptor fighter aircraft and the MiG-35, the current state-of-the-art multi-role 4th generation jet fighter. There is no MiG 33, and I suspect the Singaporean founders of migme harboured the wish to grow their startup in 2006 at supersonic speeds like the namesake fighter jets. Coincidentally, the company’s issuer code on the ASX is MIG.

Discover Great Stories

Gene - A Former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer- And His Captivating Escapades

Gene – A Former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer- Sharing Stories Of His Captivating Escapades

As invited bloggers in this very first #migupSG event, we were well entertained by migme’s team. Migme’s new vice president of corporate development, Gene Yu (@scorpiojing), talked about his life in the US Army Special Forces. His stories, including the daring rescue of a kidnapped family friend in southern Philippines, shared the same ingredients of Tom Clancy’s novels.

Make New Blogging Friends

New Blogging Friends - Hello to  Tony, Sochii, Jacinta, Hazel, Sheryl, Junro, Adeline

New Blogging Friends – Hello to Tony, Sochii, Jacinta, Hazel, Sheryl, Junro, Adeline

Migme Friends

With migme's Alvin And Nat. New Blogging Friend Jacinta (on the Right)

With migme’s Alvin And Nat. plus a new Blogging Friend Jacinta (in black)

The migme audience team was on hand to interact with us, the invited bloggers and we learnt about the fun things with migme and a better understanding of the migme social platform. We were even given a sneak preview on the business model of migme. Cool – making some money and growing a social networking platform which has grown to over 5 million active users a month.

And A Peep Into Its Future

So how cool can a homegrown social networking platform get?

Well, a simple research shows that migme is valued at A$75 million (S$84 million), based on its Friday’s closing sharing price  of A$0.33. Thus, it is holding on to its position of some 8 days ago when it acquired LoveByte, another homegrown social networking app for couples. It will add another 200,000-plus active mobile users to migme’s 5 million active monthly users.

At migme's HQ in Singapore

At migme’s HQ in Singapore

Check It Out 

Are you looking for some fun and wanting to try out a homegrown social networking platform? Migme offers predominantly free blog, chat and entertainment services on its website. To recap, migme is a social entertainment company:

** with a highly engaging and profitable microblogging platform
** the platform includes chatting features and virtual goods
** plus games and blogs and celebrity and entertainment content
** over 5 million monthly active users
** migme can help you build your audience, amplify your content to a wider audience globally

To start, just register via Have fun 🙂